App Exploration: ArtStack

On June 24, 2013 by Evan Senn

For those of you who enjoy keeping up with social media, marketing, apps and inventions or just are bored with the same old routine, let us introduce you to our new fave app: ArtStack.



ArtStack is a unique social media app for the art nerds of the world. You can post your favorite pieces of art, contemporary or historic, and “stack them” into your own mini-collection online. People can follow you and your stacks, and you can follow others. If someone you follow “stacks” a piece of art you like, you can stack it for yourself too! It’s almost like being able to have a virtual art collection of your very own!

This application functions very similarly to that of Instagram, but specifically with art. There is a live feed, where you can see what all is being stacked or uploaded in live time, what art is getting the most attention or stacks, what’s trending, and recent activity of people who follow you and/or people who you follow. This application is amazing because it not only allows people to explore and discover new artworks based on their faves, their friends, and their idols, but it opens up art of all tastes and styles to all people–giving a wider audience access to art they might not have ever been exposed to before.

Now, even a normal person with little to no money or expertise can play art collector! Take a look at ArtStack and start stacking!

ArtStack 2


ArtStack 4

Evan's ArtStack

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