Baby Tattooville 2013

On October 8, 2013 by Evan Senn

Baby Tattooville is an annual art weekend in Riverside, that culminates with an exhibition at Riverside Art Museum (RAM). Participating artists in this year’s exhibition include: Steven Daily, Sylvia Ji, Travis Louie, Mitch O’Connell, Olivia De Berardinis, Alex Pardee, Brandon “Ragnar” Johnson, The Sucklord and Chet Zar. Originating as a hybridized “bastard” art movement, Baby Tattoo has gained an increasingly mainstream fan base, championed by well-known alternative art chronicle, Juxtapoz Magazine, as well as Hi-FructoseArrested Motion and numerous blogs and websites. Bob Self, the creator of Baby Tattoo Books and “Baby Tattooville” describes the sentiments behind the group simply as, “Strange, fun art.” Past artists have included those involved in the first generation of the Low Brow movement, as well as many that may be considered on the fringes of or outside the movement today. Rejecting traditional notions of what is considered “fine art,” Baby Tattoo’s motus operandi draws on such influences as comic book art, hot rod culture, fantasy illustration, the macabre, retro nostalgia, science fiction and psychedelic expression.

“This year, ‘Baby Tattooville’ will boast the world’s premiere pin up artist Olivia, artist Steven Daily—well known in movie circles, and in nerd-culture for doing licensed work for Disney and Lucas, Mitch O’Connell who is a pop artist popular in the tattoo community, Alex Pardee has a dedicated younger following, and Sylvia Ji who is a fine, gallery artist who does day-of-the-dead-themed art, and Sucklord who got a following after being on a reality TV show, he’s known for doing unlicensed action figures and toys which are controversial, often making a political statement.”

In today’s art world of big names, big money and big egos, its exciting to see someone do things differently.  To have the chance to tap into a different community of artists, and get away from the typical L.A. art scene for a while really is a unique opportunity.  An event like the weekend at “Baby Tattooville” truly could be life-changing, and seeing the exhibition at the Riverside Art Museum is a must for anyone in the low brow or new brow art world. Take a look at the festivities of the opening reception at the RAM.

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