Bigger and Better: The Moon Block Party Rises Again

On October 13, 2014 by Simon Weedn

Anybody living in Southern California for the last few years has probably noticed the growth in popularity of music festivals in the region. In a market that used to be dominated solely by Coachella, Stage Coach, Sunset Junction (RIP), The Sunset Strip Music Festival, and Fuck Yeah Fest (now going by the much more family friendly moniker of FYF Fest), music fans now have an even wider array of options from which to choose.

So far, just this year included: Burger-A-Go-Go, Echo Park Rising, Viva! Pomona, Growing Up Is Dumb, and upcoming installments of the annual Beach Goth Party and the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival, just to name a few. Needless to say, determining which festivals are worth checking out can be a daunting task.

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In these days of a great music festival boom, perhaps the best way to make the decision on where to go and what to see is to look for who’s line up seems the most well curated and decisively assembled. Based on that criteria alone, the third year of Pomona’s Moon Block Party has put together one of the most interesting and jaw dropping rosters of musical acts of any festival this year. While Coachella remains a bastion of all things popular, FYF devolves into something that could more or less be renamed “Coachella Part 2,” and Burger Records delivers the goods on the garage/dream pop end of things with their various festivals. Moon Block Party has set out to create one of the most spectacular days of auditory pleasure by featuring a line-up that pulls from nearly every nook and cranny of independent rock-and-roll at the moment. Whether you’re ready to be shaken to your core by the heaviness of Spoon, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Band Of Skulls, let your fists fly in the pit to the garage punk fury of Black Lips, Metz, and Death Hymn Number 9, lose your mind in the intense psychedelic offerings of The Black Angels, Cosmonauts, and Dhaga Bloom, or be delighted by a whole host of offerings from the rest of the acts scheduled to appear, the Moon Block Party has a little something for everyone.


Moon Block Party Founder Phil Pirrone

Moon Block Party Founder Phil Pirrone


Producer Jenn Serpa-Bootow explained the simple and honest truth behind their ambitions about the festival, “We just want to create the best event possible; we try to build what we, as musicians and artists, would consider a great festival, ie. awesome art, killer tunes, and a true experience.” Their attitude behind building the line-up is equally honest. “We book what we love, rather than just the best selling albums of the year,” Serpa-Bootow says. With those two basic philosophies on board, Moon Block Party has managed to do what few have been able to accomplish this year; pull together a wide array of bands who play music that, while being unique, really work well together and draw different music aficionados from across the board to one concert. The Moon Blockers have basically put together the live music equivalent of a perfect mix tape without a single bad track.

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In addition to their roster of internationally regarded acts from all over the world, the Moon Block Party seems to be especially aware of inserting rising local talent that fits in perfectly with some of the more well-known, veteran acts. “Featuring local acts is a huge part of what we do and love. There are not too many platforms for these brilliant local bands to grow and develop and we try to help provide that.” With that in mind, festival attendees and performing acts alike can count on being introduced to a stellar selection of Southern California’s local flavor that will no doubt stun and impress.


For those fortunate enough to have attended Moon Block Party’s last two namesake events, the biggest change this year may have little to do with the lineup, but instead be more tied to the festival’s move from downtown Pomona, to the city’s deluxe venue, The Fairplex. But it’s no surprise to us, the crowds want more! “We have always had the idea of moving over to Fairplex at some point. The event size has outgrown downtown now, so what better time?,” Serpa-Bootow says.


With a new, prime location, and one of the most amazingly well selected line-ups of the year, Moon Block Party stands poised to deliver a day of music and art that those in attendance will not soon forget. The only other question anybody could have, besides whether or not they have tickets to this event yet, is where can the Moon Block Party possibly go from here? The answer is that new things are already in the works and those that are already fans of the Moon Blockers have a lot to look forward to, “We will be throwing ‘Beyond the Witching Hour’ at the Ace Palm Springs for Halloween, and then ‘Desert Daze.’ So just getting those rolling!”

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