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On April 16, 2014 by Ashley Bennett

Child of Light1

The industry of mainstream video games revolves around high-grossing titles. These are typical adventures featuring masculine protagonists, brute strength, militaristic prowess and highly sought after graphics of realism. Games that feature strong women are much less common in the industry, and titles that exhibit a colorful palette and artistic creativity are only now beginning to take wing.

Child of Light is one of many upcoming indie games that choose art over action. In this case, by telling a fairytale about a young princess named Aurora, estimated to be living in 1895 Austria, who falls into a deep sleep and wakes up in the fantasy land of Lemuria. As a prophesized hero, Aurora must set out to defeat the Queen of Night in order to win back the stolen sun, moon and stars.

The inspiration for this game stems from a whimsical, fairy-tale recipe of wonder and fantasy. Child of Light makes use of the exploration only recently seen blossoming in the industry. Players move Aurora through a world decorated with beautiful watercolor pastels, painting scenes of both lush, thriving forests and dark, foreign monsters that haunt the shadows. Amidst a sea of pastel blues and greens is Aurora, wearing a free-flowing gown of gold, and crown to match, with long and wild scarlet hair at her back that flows behind her, unhindered by gravity.

Child of Light4Aurora’s own confidence and independence allows her journey to continue, as she wields a sword and slays any minions that stand in her way. She is a glowing beacon of hope amidst those beautiful but often terrible shadows. This lack of fear allows Aurora to move through the world fluidly, traveling through the air in flight (and her red hair wildly trailing behind). The only moments when she is grounded, for the most part, is when she enters battle via a turn-based system. Unafraid to fight her own battles, the young girl wields an ancient sword to fight those many enemies.Child of Light2

Child of Light is a 2D platformer—meaning players can move Aurora in all directions on a flat, 2D scale. However each zone offers a multitude of depth though richly decorated backgrounds and shadowy foregrounds, both with motionless and mobile decor that uniquely bring Lemuria to life. From the bright sunny sky and foliage of an outdoor town, the blue hues of a desolate land now void of natural life, to an undersea cavern rich with minerals and irregular light—each zone has a delicate ambiance to portray the strangeness of the land which Aurora must venture into in order to wake from her deep sleep.

Child of Light3Produced by: Ubisoft

Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal

Playable on: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Wii U

Release Date: April 30

 Child of Light5


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