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"One for Each"

“One for Each”

Jennie Cotterill is the kind of artist I always aspired to be like. Her work is not bound by any one material or genre, and it embodies the best of the darkness of the world while also embodying humorous and amorous aspects of the world too. She plays with color, light, three-dimensionality, identity and personal experience on top of all that. Before I met Jennie, her work enthralled me. First seen at the AR4T “This Wilde Abyss” exhibit, her three-dimensional painting/sculpture/black hole of self realization and beauty haunted my dreams and reignited my passion for portraiture. But her work is perfectly executed every time. With an always growing plethora of exhibitions and featured spots, this hard working woman seemingly never runs out of inspiration.

Curator, painter, sculptor, installation artist, community outreach specialist, and guitar-playing bad ass chick is a force of light in Southern California. Her latest curatorial endeavor, Newton’s Third was one of the best small space exhibits we’ve seen in a long time. Her contribution to this year’s “Boxes of Death” fueled our passion for coffins again, and her Long Beach inspired painting for “LOCALS ONLY: Long Beach based Art by Long Beach based Artists” at Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach touched on the classic playful wit that we’ve come to expect from Jennie’s creations.

She’s involved in the lovely Splendor Device crew, and her work can often be seen at AR4T Gallery in Laguna, but this passionate little creature is flat out amazing. After leaving the Midwest in 2001, she received her BFA and MFA in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach.  She admits that her art draws inspiration from “swap meets, cartoons and astrophysics.” She has worked in television, apparel, animation, community outreach and occasionally teaches Drawing and Illustration at Long Beach State.

Recently she has work in “Lovely Vagabonds” at AR4T in Laguna Beach, which closes December 8. Next she will have work in “Straight Outta Who-Ville,” opening at AR4T Gallery on December 14th.

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