Featured ROGUE Artist: Shay Bredimus

On October 7, 2013 by rarw

queen mary 2After stumbling upon the art of Shay Bredimus in a tiny co-op gallery in Long Beach, we couldn’t help but look a little closer at this fascinating artist. His work is dark and brooding, not unlike the artist, himself. But, with classical techniques, and an innovative use of traditional style, Bredimus is one of few burgeoning artists right now, to approach the figure in a new and interesting way.

The unique and protective artist wouldn’t give up all the secrets to his process, but watching him work is amazingly inspirational, and gives us an insightful glance into how he creates all that he does. A tattoo artist by day, and a traditional figurative painter by night, this guy lives and breathes art. With every perforated piece of skin and every brush he touches, he makes figures, feeling and intensity flow as if it has a life of its own. Fluid and moving, real and ethereal, Bredimus’ work will haunt you in the best possible way.

He uses tattoo ink to paint with–along with wax crayon, combining wet and dry materials in one work of art–often on slightly opaque plastic. He spends nearly 30 hours per piece, no matter how small, and works solitary, quiet and dark; around the clock–at all hours of day and night. His work is often known for its eerie, ghostly imagery, but the content of his masterful figures and still lifes are so intense and complex they carry on a life of their own after they’re created.  Intimate moments of intense self reflection or doubt, captured in his fluid–yet realistic, painterly style. Now, in his third major series since gaining national exposure, his fans are anticipating the best of the best from this Long Beach artistic staple.

Shay one

With an MFA from one of the most notorious figurative institutions, Laguna College of Art and Design, Bredimus imbues exquisite precision in his rendering. He plays with extreme contrast in his work, in such a way that it seems as if a melting snapshot of a dark and eerie alternate universe.

In his newer Seni Horoscope series, he is creating over 70 medium-sized pieces, each representing a horoscope tarot card fortune. Still imploring the devastating details and realism his larger pieces are known for, each one of these Seni pieces embodies the fate the card is meant for, with haunting connection and accuracy. These Seni works definitely show his tattoo design and influence more than some of his past work, but the human portrayals are still mind-bogglingly spot on, eerie and uncanny.

Take a intimate peek at his process in real time here:



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