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The Rogue King, himself, Haunted Euth is preparing for a solo show at GCS Santa Ana, an independent skate, apparel and art supply store in the heart of the Artist’s Village in downtown Santa Ana. This looks like it’s going to be epic. GCS is known for amazing urban and contemporary art exhibitions in their gallery. Take a look at Euth’s new work, and new takes on some of the staples in his repertoire. For more information on Haunted Euth and his amazingness visit www.hauntedeuth.com.

SIDE NOTE: Haunted Euth’s recent collaboration with TFAIL (Tina St. Claire) has been wildly appreciated, as they have put out their 2nd edition of TMRWLND, a custom art book with limited printing, for sale online at www.tmrwlnd.com. TFAIL and Euth also have partnered up in creating a line of stickers, small art works, and limited edition silk screen prints on the site as well.

For those of you who don’t know TFAIL, get ready to be in love. This tiny gem of a human creates the most ravishing of haunting drawings and prints, and has also taken to the streets to blind us out of our normal push and shove lives, with bright, intense images that recall a sense of glamour and sensuality that seems often lacking in street art today. TFAIL is amazing. Her partnership with Euth has made them an unstoppable pair, and they are truly the Rogue Artists of our generation. For more info on TFAIL’s work visit tinastclaire.com.

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