On January 5, 2014 by Brianna Karrasch

I am riding the highest wave, holding the reigns of an elephant with a diving force. Wearing a crown made of tear drops. I am pulling the reigns back into me and aiming for the skies. Because you haven’t been back in some time to visit me…

Three years ago, on New Years Day, my uncle passed away. He showed me the ocean at age 1, the carousel of dreams at age 2, the piano at age 3, Le cirque at age 5. Because of him my mother raised wooley monkeys that were given to them by Mae West. Because of him I grew up in the prototype for Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves house on Wonderland Avenue.  When he passed I felt the magic of the world disappear.

A week later, my mom was slumped over her computer and there was an image in her email of a rabbit in a red cape.  That familiar red color that flooded my memory of my uncle who painted the walls of his house the same color. That same color red I saw at the french circus he took me to.  That same red I can’t seem to find the pantone number for, nor do I truly want to.  Immediately I needed to know who this character was…


photo 5
Lapinu is from a very small town in France.  He is a rabbit with a cape, and a cane.  He sings my uncle’s songs in french.  He is fragile and fierce with an imagination and determination that will render anyone humbled by his existence. After all, how many french singing rabbits to you come across?
His marionette-like stature combined with his intrinsic conviction makes one believe of a  purpose in this world.  His charm and grace will sail you away and make the world enchanted again.  He takes us back to a time when we were small and the weight of the world wasn’t resting on our shoulders.
photo 4
He is a fine artist, his art is dark and whimsical.  There is pain and revelry yet such light-handed innocence.  There is something there that transports you to another time another space that is all too familiar.  He makes the unreachable tangible. As if the world of Disney and reality coexist. The music will haunt you and ignite the imagination you once had before you were told to pack it away.
Behold, Lapinu—ze French singing rabbit!

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