Out for Blood @ GCS Santa Ana

On October 8, 2013 by rarw

Haunted Euth’s latest solo exhibition at GCS Santa Ana was a huge success. The GCS exhibition space is transformed into something completely different in “Out for Blood.” Well curated with a seemingly natural flow, a large 9×30 foot painting on paper hangs on one wall, completely overwhelming viewers with bright colors and intense political imagery paired with more topical pop culture references. The large-scale painting, entitled Every Ten Years touches on chemical warfare and more serious topics of pain and struggle, capitalism and violence as entertainment, stylistically reminiscent of a 1980s graphic novel.

Euth’s work straddles street art and fine art, swaying back and forth between the two. His work is visually loud, as if on street corners or highways, though most of his practice is in the fine art gallery realm, as of late. A mix of printmaking techniques, stenciling, traditional illustration and painting show through his dark and manic compositions. A fascinating transformation of this skate/graffiti shop/gallery, and an insightful glance inside the mind of Haunted Euth.

“Out for Blood” is on view thru Nov. 5.

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