RARW’s 3rd Anniversary

On April 10, 2013 by rarw

RARW Celebrates its 3rd Anniversary!

Rogue Art Research & Writing (RARW) was created in late 2009 by Andrea Steedman and Evan Senn. Growing from a broadsheet art newsletter into where it exists today, as a respectable monthly online California art journal, RARW has become an underground staple in art communities across different communities, here in California. With original content every month, a repertoire of over 30 writers from over 8 different counties in California, RARW reaches out with opportunity to share and experience art on a grassroots level. With one-on-one interviews with artists and critics as well as gallery directors and preparators, and spanning the broadest variety of art coverage of any art publication around to date, RARW serves its readers as a truly unbiased and inventive art journal. A non-profit organization with a board of trustees and owned and operated by the original creators, Andrea and Evan, RARW seeks to merely share and appreciate all that California arts and culture has to offer its residents and visitors.

Watch as we explore where RARW began and get some insight into the two interesting women who started it all.

**artwork included in video by (though not limited to): Haunted Euth, Suzanne Walsh, Llyn Foulkes, Darya Farhoodi, Ana-Alicia Fierro, Natalia Fabia, Joy Shannon, Danielle Buetti, Michael Carini, Joe Cariati, Adam Gillanders, Patrick Strand, Bryan Moe, Evan Senn, KCET Artbound, Joram Roukes, Laurie Lipton, David Michael Lee, Andre Woodward, MJ O’Connor, Allison Peairs, Eric Jones, Monica Chapon, S.A. Hawkins, Kelly Castillo, Wayne White, and Gaelle Lalonde.

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