19. 11. 2014

The Caring Creator: Diana Markessinis’ amazing art objects

There are very few artists that can further the magic of something through their own creative processes. Meet Diana Markessinis, one of those very few. Her sculptures are simple but powerful, exploring the...

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07. 11. 2014

The Ruzic Realm

Psychedelic mastermind Ken Ruzic creates alternate realities to bring consciousness to the masses Ken Ruzic is a well-known painter, sculptor, illustrator and tiki god, but I believe this artist is actually the love...

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01. 10. 2014


  From the chaotic and metropolitan Detroit, Zdan emigrated to Southern California for higher education and the chance for a wider audience to appreciate his work. Luckily for us, he’s been drawn to...

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11. 06. 2014


Orange County artist, Lindsay Buchman’s paper-obsessed artwork explores delicate relationships between humankind and its environment. The man-made world and the natural world often are juxtaposed with each other, but Buchman finds a balance...

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21. 04. 2014

The Life of An Artist gets Real

I once visited a bookstore with illustrations of notable artists painted on the walls above shelves of books. Ernest Hemmingway, Gertrude Stein, J.D. Salinger, Kandinsky, O’Keeffe and others sit at tables reading books...

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05. 12. 2013


Jennie Cotterill is the kind of artist I always aspired to be like. Her work is not bound by any one material or genre, and it embodies the best of the darkness of...

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05. 09. 2013

The Stolen Adventures of a Rogue Artist: Jesse La Tour

ego|eco Disconnect between real actions and real-time becomes increasingly evident in our fast-paced, technologically saturated urban environments.  Selected artworks in ego|eco: environmental art for collective consciousness aim to confront traditional notions of “spectatorship,”...

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