07. 01. 2014

Bombón: San Pedro Surf Rock Queens

Surf rock may be the oldest and most distinctively Southern Californian genre of music we have. Its style and characteristics are simple, yet challenging enough to be hard to do well. Progenitors of...

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09. 10. 2013

Raw Power Writings: White Night Blazing Bright

Disclaimer: I’ve known several of the people in White Night for a long time; a few of them are some of my oldest friends in Los Angeles. In fact, Kid Kevin, the band’s...

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09. 03. 2013

Wreck of the Zephyr

It’s rare to find bands that put nearly as much effort into the physical packaging of their music as they do into the music itself. Then again, Los Angeles’ Wreck Of The Zephyr...

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10. 02. 2013

Raw Power Writings: Summer Vacation

  It’s a well known fact here in Southern California that the best Chinese food can be found in the San Gabriel Valley (something my roommates and I discussed just the other night)....

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