The Hampton Beats Video Release Party and Inaugural False Gallery Art Exhibition

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WHATThis opening marks the first event in a series of Pop-Up Art Shows hosted by the new and  enigmatic Los Angeles based collective known as False Gallery. This is a rare and unique opportunity for art collectors and music enthusiasts to experience a immersing and otherwise unprecedented installation of sight and sound combining   unique audio tracks provided by The Hampton Beats with  visual works by three notorious outsider artists, Haunted Euth, Tina St. Claire and Smog City. 

This show features over 15 original paintings by Haunted Euth and Tina St. Claire, a selection of hand pulled silk screen prints by Haunted Euth, two animated music videos for the tracks “Bewarewolf” and ” Cheer Up Emo Kid ” directed by Haunted Euth and Smog City and a full DJ set of all new material by The Hampton Beats.

WHEREFalse Gallery
1553 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

WHEN: Saturday, January 18th 8pm – 12 a.m. ; 21+,Catered,  Open to the public reception

January 19th, January 25th 12 pm  – 10pm; Open to the public reception

Art Purchases:

The Hampton Beats: Members: Eric Swank, Peter Simon, Jeff Price, Josh Graham, Matt Olofson, Rob King

The Hampton Beats are a musical act emphasizing on production technology and well crafted indie/dance/pop songwriting. Mission Statement: Make Fun Music. Developed in late 2011, The Hampton Beats were quick to gain recognition for their first single “Party”. San Diego radio station 91X selected the The Hampton Beats as their “Local Break” of January 2012 while NBC’s Sound Diego chose “Party” for the closing theme for their new television program.

Haunted Euth: A notorious Los Angeles based Illustrator, Print maker and street artist with a B.F.A. in Painting from Otis College of Art & Design, his work has been seen all over the Los Angeles landscape for the past several year’s. Well know for his large scale assemblages, acrylic paintings and cerebral use of latent pop cultural motifs that hearken back to the golden era of science fiction, horror films and 1980s skateboard graphics, he has become a emerging force of unique individual voice and passion that offers a fresh, new take on the city’s exhausted street art scene.

Smog City:  A Los Angeles based artists who works in a broad range of mediums including serigraph’s, illustration and animation, his work caries a underlying theme of environmental warning and global concern.

Tina St. Claire: A self taught Los Angeles based painter, she has quickly become one of the cities most unique and carefully watched artist’s. Her work, which balances elements of portraiture, abstraction, design and screen printing focuses on the theme of female empowerment.

What is False Gallery?

Los Angeles is one of the top three cities in the world for art and entertainment. New galleries open up every day in Los Angeles—there are hundreds. But they all seem to follow the same formula for operating. False Gallery is a unique and inventive new project in L.A. that will change the way we consider art galleries to exist. False Gallery utilizes a backwards platform for creating groundbreaking events and exhibitions showing great visual and auditory artworks and installations, and will give the L.A. art scene back to those who deserve it, the artists and art lovers of this city.

The system of the gallery is simple. The artist gives the gallery artwork for an exhibit; the gallery hosts an exhibition, and then sells the work to people who come to see the show, often relying on collectors and regular buyers. The gallery exists as a brick and mortar location for housing art that people can rely on when they are looking for art. This model has taken the ingenuity out of the viewer as the authority on what is good art or not. The chase or the discovery of good art is intended for the viewer, not for the gallery, but this concept seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle over the years. Now, art lovers are forced to rely on the gallery implicitly, but the gallery no longer represents what is good art, and in most situations is only concerned with sales, brand identity and image.  Many artists and art lovers alike find discomfort in this model of operation, but it seems that there is nothing to be done about this.

The False Gallery aims to shift this model back to the art, and away from the gallery or the collector, giving the power of discovery to the viewer and the originality of creation back to the artist, solely. With four events per year and site-specific creations and collaborations between amazing artists, musicians and performers, False Gallery will quickly be known as the entity that changed the L.A. art dynamic.

Getting back to basics, False Gallery will implore grassroots street-based promotional campaigns paired with the latest in online marketing techniques, False Gallery will have a wide reach with their projects. The one-of-a-kind exhibition events will be funded by the sales of the art via False’s viral marketing and grassroots advertising initiatives. This is truly a project that is for the art, funded by the art and never duplicated or replicated. Each event will be in a new location, utilizing what the city of L.A. has to offer, and each event will be a temporary universe created just for that moment.

Artists, musicians and performers involved may not be the highest selling artists, but False’s dedication to boundary-pushing artistic expression and highlighting collaborative projects between artistic geniuses in all fields will help the False Gallery events redefine the way we think of galleries in L.A.

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