The Month of May in Poetry

On May 12, 2013 by Seth Anson Tribble

The Missing Haymarket ST_MayDay

Bullet holes in telephone Maypoles

A memory of 1886

But while the world marches

We dance

Talks on loyalty

And an American tradition

They’d rather us remember


Seattle is Rioting Again

Protective mothers, jilted lovers

And other things equally dangerous

Don’t compare for those who dare

Who try to take the street from us


St. Joseph Is Unemployed

Saint Joseph hangs flowers

On his neighbors’ doors

With black flag ribbons

A May Day bouquet to mourn

The jobs they don’t have



A Memory of My FatherST_A Memory of My Father

I think of you a lot

On a river road when I was not

All there, whispering

“Faster, Dad, faster”

Because I wasn’t scared

Of the road beneath

The weaving headlights

Aimless street

I was frightened fear

In me would subside

And when I went back

To where young men died

I’d be one of them

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