The Painter’s Edge: Regenaissance

On June 17, 2013 by rarw

Artist Photo“Regenaissance (Polyversikube)” is a nine canvas polyptych conceptually inspired by the principle elements of fractals, the Golden Ratio, and a Rubik’s Cube. The name “Regenaissance” is an abstract composite derived from the words Renaissance (meaning “rebirth”) and Genesis (meaning “the beginning”). Presented in a 3 x 3 structural format, each of the nine components can be moved, rotated, and rearranged so that any side of any element can connect to any side of any of the other eight pieces. The result of the calculated configurations is a broad and almost limitless spectrum of orientations and variations with which to play; 95,126,814,720 to be exact.






1 Dream

9 Canvases

95, 126, 814, 720 Orientations

Infinite Possibility

The palette series is unique because I only used a single palette for each painting. Once completed, I cut them down into squares and framed them in a format that, just like the larger project, I can move them around and rotate them. The preview exhibition is June 18th (Tuesday) from 8-10pm

Shortly thereafter, it will be moved to the site specific locating it was intended for. White Box Contemporary, 1040 7th Avenue San Diego, CA 92101. 619-237-8813

Regenaissance (Polyversikube). Acrylic on Canvas. 144 x 144 (9 Canvas Polyptych with Variable Orientation). 2013

Regenaissance (Polyversikube1). 48 x 48. 2013

Palette Series


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