“The Ton”

On May 12, 2013 by Nathan Watson


I grab ahold of bars, start to clinch and get ready for flight

I’m uncertain if this is the right time or night, but I’m not waiting for answers

From the powers that be

I squeeze my knees, shift down, and release

Wind’s blowing and my vision blurry

Internally I’m screaming

I’m almost done, almost at my destination

6th street

Suddenly a bright ember engulfs me

A voice from the light tells me to go to the Temple

It’s time for to be on my knees;

This is my Purgatory

This is the time I heard about in Exodus

I almost exited us from existence

Now I must regroup or refresh

Admit wrong for all the torment, sin and shit

My infractions are many

The moment was a flash, a segment of time unfathomable

Before me is a piece of paper, that if written differently, I would be in prison;


Without a life, love or home

Might as well be dead

Because everything I hold sacred is locked in a shed

Complete with a lost key

I am writing my future with my past and current it seems


I’m drowning

The tide is low and sand dry

I don’t want to live and not die

But at the same time, I don’t want to live a life of death

I might as well have been playing Russian Roulette

It seems as if someone has definitely stacked the deck

Such a fucked bunch of shit;

I try and box it up, give it away

But these are my memories

That will not change.



**background: Triumph Motorcycles in the 50s and 60s couldn’t go faster than 80-85 MAX. Guys would modify them, remove fenders, etc. to make them go faster and eventually got them to go 100; this was called doing “The Ton.” Watson got pulled over going 103 in a 45 with a girl on the back, they let him go and only wrote him for going 80 in a 65 zone; very humbling experience. Spawned what was believed to be his best work. He created that piece for the girl and also then de-badged the bike.

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