The War Cry of the Meek

On June 11, 2013 by Seth Anson Tribble


They’ll always hate us for who we are

Leave us weeping, battered, scarred

‘Coz we’re fags, fat-asses & retards

And they think we deserve it anyway

It’s ok

To hate a man for being gay

Or who listens to him when he prays

And make him feel alone

Like he’s really on his own

But he’s not.

They may not desist

When we resist

But we’ll raise our beaten, bloody fists

Not to fight, but to insist

That we are not alone in this

So make a friend, make a plan

In kindness we must take our stand

To fight the fire, we must truly admire

Each other and never give in

We don’t have to fight to win

Just keep being

We’ll grind them down ‘till the world turns around

And we can be the lingering sound

‘Coz we faced the hate of un-tempered rage

And we always stood our ground

They might break our bones and black our eyes

But we will never compromise

We must dissent

Take pride in what makes us different

Simply because we must

And they can never take ourselves from us

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