Travel Poetry

On April 10, 2013 by Seth Anson Tribble

Loud Music and an Open Road
By Seth A. TribbleRoad2
Cracked pavement driving drums
Finding focus in rolling landscape melodies
Voices blended like tree trunks and telephone poles
Passing at 70 miles an hour
A hopeful harmony
Loud music and an open road
Noise and voice and sight collide
Leaving behind the quiet grey
For soaring peaks seen from passes
And girls with hair like cinnamon singing
Into ears ripe for hearing that happy wind
And an engine tugging to run
With a baritone register organ pipe
Supporting a banjo picking just beyond earshot
Rushing into the forefront
A staccato signpost signaling ascent
Into climax as we climb this hill
A choir of pines cloaked in robes of gentle snow
Waits to strike a chord at the crest
Sending chills down spines
Warmed by sunbeams filtered
By traffic-jam clouds
Capping timpani mountaintops

Five Haikus on traveling

RoadThe road flower wilts
When running feet go silent
Wind is their sunshine

Roman silent roads
Their dust does not lay quiet
Stories echo still

Train car love story
Though the lover is not flesh
She is the journey

Happy thin sole shoes
With many miles beneath them
And many more yet

Roots of stones are still
They have no life to move them
Our roots are running

SethSeth Anson Tribble is a California native who currently lives in Tacoma, Washington experimenting with different forms of writing. His book of poetry, Desperately Reassembling Me, is honest, brave and unashamed.

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