Unraveling the life and art of Lindsay Bottos

On October 7, 2013 by rarw

It’s rare to find an art school student that excels so greatly at their craft that you feel compelled to know them, to see them, to witness their art in real life. Of course, art students are only children, not yet masters of their field or life, how could they some how find a way to your heart or soul? But Lindsay Bottos, an art student from Maryland Institute College of Art, is a strange and uniquely honest creature that creates and compels others into her world, with her intimate portrayals of tiny personal moments, and her scene snapshot recreations that make her work so powerful. She has no secrets, her art is her life. Don’t we all wish it were that easy? Take a look at Bottos’ work and keep an eye out for her in the future, because this girl is intense and real, and we’re sure to be seeing more of her in the future.


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