Virtual Visit with Joram Roukes

On June 11, 2013 by Evan Senn

Joram Roukes is a Dutch painter that has recently been gaining momentum on an international scope. With a sold out show at Stolen Space in London, a recent ten page spread in Juxtapoz, a successful exhibition with Mexican artist Bayo at C.A.V.E. Gallery in Los Angeles, blinding success at Scope Fine Art Fair in New York (with Thinkspace Gallery in LA) and an upcoming show in L.A. at Thinkspace, Roukes is on his way to the top tier of successful artists in contemporary art. We were able to pin this busy and successful artist for a few moments via the interweb, and get a preview into his personal art practice, and his intriguing life in The Netherlands.

A messy studio full of paint and papers, a dozen or more sketchbooks full of drawings and musings, Roukes lives the solitary life of a classic artist. Lets take a look at what he spends his time doing and where. He told us that these birds he’s drawing have purpose. Other than the fact that this guy is obsessed with birds, he is also creating a large work for the seventh anniversary exhibition at Stolen Space in London (his main gallery representation in London). He says seven birds on one page will represent not only the seven years for Stolen Space, but also for him–seven sacrifices of success . . .


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