Why I Occupy No More

On October 12, 2012 by Seth Anson Tribble

In a dripping haze
Of martyred days
We filled the streets with joy and rage
We found a voice, and found a stage
And told the world we’d turned a page
But at home the ties
Our family’s blind
And fuck you for saying otherwise
This time the tines
Of clever lines
Are filling up my hopeful mind
And turning it into a factory
A broken causes phylactery
And a glutton for gloried defeat
To tear gas and panicked retreat
Though the songs we will always repeat
The cause lays like glass in the street
So home we go
And wind up alone
For things we said
And should have known
Were a lie
And the we that we were’s now an I
’Coz I tried too hard to try
And the me that I was has died
And I killed him
Again and again
With each cause and each stand
To block out the sand
And now that I am
All alone and a man
I know where I always go wrong
It isn’t in romance or song
It’s in feeling belief

That I can achieve
Any more than anyone else
’Coz I think way too highly of self
Just like every young punk in that park
Huddled in close in the dark
And saying we’re quitters
But we’re not baby-sitters
To some kid with a Black Flag tattoo
Who knows shit ’coz he’s 22
He’s screaming and crying
Like he’s fucking dying
Or like it’s the first time he’s been maced
And our moral high ground is erased
When he throws shit at cops
And goes home when they stop
Filming him holding his sign
And it’s him that’ll get the air time
So fuck it, I’m done
I’ve marched and I’ve sung
I know what I’ve lost
And what can be won
I’ve a child to feed
And work to be done
Not out of greed
But ’coz I love my son
And no one will benefit from this.

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