Wreck of the Zephyr

On March 9, 2013 by Simon Weedn


wreck-of-the-zephyr.4It’s rare to find bands that put nearly as much effort into the physical packaging of their music as they do into the music itself. Then again, Los Angeles’ Wreck Of The Zephyr isn’t your average band.

The trio’s brand of punk rock paints the genre in the broadest strokes drawing from many styles and influences and blending them into something that is incredibly diverse, different, and interesting. Songs range from frantic, frenetic bursts of energy to slower, textural, contemplative pieces that some how straddle the areas between post-punk and classic punk perfectly. In addition to the band’s musical prowess, how they choose to physically represent their work is equally stunning.

Their first seven inch record was enclosed in hand made paper adorned with calligraphy also done by hand limited to 100 records. Their second release, a split seven inch with Nashville’s Chicken Little, came enclosed in sleeves with gorgeous hand screened artwork. Wreck Of The Zephyr’s most ambitious project thus far came in the form of their most recent release, the band’s 2011 debut LP, For Helen. In addition to featuring eleven well produced tunes brimming with a wide breadth of rock and roll glory.

The record comes enclosed in a hard cover, hand bound book which features gorgeous illustrations for the lyrics to every song. When I received my copy in the mail I was riveted to the book as the record spun on my turntable. To be able to combine the worlds of visual and aural art in the way that For Helen does is something that I had never before experienced. Most importantly, unlike music videos, there’s a certain amount of imagination involved on the part of the reader/listener to unite all the pictures together (much like we used to do with our children’s books) that gives each person their own completely unique experience with the material.

Even as I pull the record out to write this article, some months after I purchased it, I’m still completely blown away by it as a stand alone piece. I’ve still yet to see these guys play a show and I look forward to the day I get to hear their music delivered live. However, at this point, I’ll buy anything that Wreck Of The Zephyr puts out, art of this quality, that obviously came out of a love and passion of their work, is something I’ll never grow tired of. 

More information on Wreck Of The Zephyr can be found through their Facebook.
Copies of For Helen can be purchased through Pass The Fist.

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